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With a heavy heart we have to announce that due to the spread of the Covid 19 virus and its immense impact on the show industry, we have come to the decision that our Palazzo shows in Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Vienna cannot take place this winter season, and therefore have postponed them to the season in 2021-22.

We are truly devasted and regret this decision, but at the same time, based on the current uncertainties and missing planning reliability, we believe it is unavoidable, in order to secure the existence of PALAZZO for the future.

Our thoughts are with all affected by this crisis and we are sending out our sincere sympathy.

We believe that in such times the world needs “Lebenskünstler” (literal translation from German: “life artists”): mastering the art of living on the stage of life by never giving up, being inventive, searching for creative solutions, being supportive, adjusting to new circumstances, being creative, practicing self-reflection, being empathetic, making the best out of this existential crisis, staying positive and optimistic against all odds.

The operations of the Palazzo show department will be suspended temporarily, therefore, we cannot be reached, but you still have the chance to apply here and we will be check your application, once we are back to plan the new season 2021-22.

While we are hanging in there, we are already looking very much forward to seeing you all back on stage sooner than later!

May you and your loved ones stay healthy and positive.