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Let's get down to the basics ...


PALAZZO is a restaurant theater combining circus, vaudeville, comedy, music and culinary art. The four course menu, created by a famous German or Austrian chef, is integrated into the 3 ½ hour show. Drinks can be ordered during the show.

The Spiegeltent

Guests dine on candlelit tables in an antique wooden tent, decorated with stained glass and red velvet. Due to the reflections of the many mirrors and the candles on the tables the auditorium is never completely dark. The mobile tent has a capacity of about 350 seats.

Intimate setting

There is no clear separation between auditorium and stage. The performers interact with the guests and can experience the audience’s reactions immediately.


Most acts perform on the center stage because it allows an unlimited view from all seats. There is also a front stage where the band is placed, but the view to it is limited from some seats.


A band plays live during the dinner sets and accompanies some of the show acts.

Show concept

There is usually a show theme, a dramaturgy, or story, but not just one act after the other. The artists are present throughout the evening, interacting with the audience at the tables during the dinner sets or appearing in playful scenes amongst the spectators.


Timing and coordination with the kitchen and service team is essential for a dinner show – great team work is crucial.


We are convinced that different energies and dynamics as well as diversity are essential ingredients for circus shows. Therefore, we are constantly working on creating differing and versatile show concepts to continue to surprise our audiences.